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TRACE is a timepiece that visualises the passage of time by leaving a trail of colour as time passes. TRACE uses a light sensitive liquid solution that gets activated by UV lasers to leave a trace of colour behind it. The usage of the liquid medium allows each cycle to be unique and a little bit different from the one before. This is due to the heat fluctuations and vibrations within the room which the liquid medium picks up. There are two lasers placed at the centre of TRACE, which revolve to activate the solution to mark the time. The UV lasers draw precise lines in the liquid medium, whereas the pattern is then distorted by the liquid’s own dynamics creating spontaneous fluctuations and reflecting on the fluidity of time and seeing time as a whole merging the past, present and the future.

Anticipation, at first glance, appears to be about the future but it is also very much about the present and the past. Our actions today affect how the future is shaped. We wanted to create a piece that would reflect on the now and encourage living in the moment to create the future we anticipate. In today’s world we all live very fast paced life style, and we constantly worry about what’s ahead of us. TRACE visualises the connection between the past, the present and the future. By materialising time it aims to connect people with the concept and perception of time, thus encouraging a moment to slow down and reflect on the present. It is this moment that leaves traces in our past, but also sets the path to our possible futures.

The design was created in response to theme “Anticipation’ for Lexus Design Awards 2016 with the mentorship of Snarkitecture.

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