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by Studio Ayaskan & Emel Omur

Stoneknit is a collaboration between London based art practice Studio Ayaskan and Paris and Istanbul based ceramist Emel Omur. The project  is a collection of objects, inspired by the idea of how waste knit fabrics can be repurposed in a completely new way. The end result is a series of vases that are stonified.

In its fabric form knitted objects are soft, flowing and without a rigid form. As the fabric is soaked and clad by the liquid form of ceramic and starts drying out it solidifies and gains a rigid form. This process is repeated multiple times as the paths of the yarn is distorted by the liquid ceramic itself. The firing process completely burns out the yarn. The idea was to almost immortalise a moment of the knit fabric in a fossil like manner, creating an earthy look, imitating stone like qualities. These objects are the outcomes of previous experiments. Studio Ayaskan first approached Emel Omur when they saw her flat knitted creations turned into ceramic artworks, immediately wanting to create larger scale objects, using waste cardigans (re-knitted and loosened up at parts and combined). The controlled elements of knitting and the spontaneous fluctuations of ceramics dipping process gives the project an organic look and its' name. Stone Knit is a manifestation of all the artists urge to explore natural forms in new and experimental ways.

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