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KOMOREBI is an installation for the Turkish luxury kitchen brand Lineadecor for their stand in TUYAP Yapi Fuari 2016. The fair took place between 10-14th of May in Istanbul and Lineadecor won the best stand award.

The installation was inspired by the notion of light filtering through trees, precisely described by the japanese word ‘komorebi’. We wanted to recreate this play of light and shadow, by representing a forest canopy that is vertically floating in the air and to bridge the gap between the indoors and outdoors. 


The installation compromises of vertically hanging sticks and lights that are populated by tillandsia (air plants),  which in turn creates a floating landscape and a pathway, inviting the visitors into the stand.


When creating this installation we worked closely with the Lineadecor team, deciding on the choice of materials and how it would fit in with their original design of their stand. The sharp lines and the play of perspectives of the kitchens themselves played a major role in the form we created. We wanted to emphasise these lines and play along to the sharp perspectives created within the space while breaking the solidity of the space by recreating a similar shape out of hundreds of components. 


When we were first approached by Lineadecor we were very inspired by their open kitchen designs where they encourage people to merge their living spaces with their kitchens., so that people can display their books, their statues alongside, pastas, herbs stored in jars, or plants used for cooking. There was an element that allowed their designs to merge the daily life into the concept of a kitchen. We just wanted to take this a step further by merging the feel of outdoors with the indoors. 

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